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No matter what kind of a car you drive, it is a convenience and luxury and its absence is felt if it breaks down. The problem with breakdowns or the need for any repairs is that they seldom happen at a time that is appropriate and suits.

What’s more, unless you are in the practice of having regular servicing or maintenance completed, you may not know where to take your car to ensure that it gets the best attention possible. Fortunately, those that need a mechanic in Waitara can always depend on the team here at GDL Automotive.

For over a decade we have helped countless people, just like you, restore their cars to a state of driveability. Our passion for all things to do with cars is evidenced in our deep understanding and knowledge of engines, both modern and old, and our commitment to providing our clients with a service that is built around what they need.

We like to be honest and open with all customers when they get in touch. Our prices are all viewable here on the site and we work hard to prove that no better service in the vicinity can achieve the standards of quality and care as we do.

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Signs That a Professional Mechanic in Waitara Should Check Your Car

While a car breakdown immediately necessitates the attention of a car mechanic Waitara residents should also be aware of other signs that should prompt them to book an appointment.

The majority of modern cars are equipped with wonderful technology that helps pinpoint as and when issues arise. Your dashboard or on-board computer will display flashing lights or highlight them in such instances. The check engine light is one that should always be looked out for. It indicates that it is necessary to have the car checked out and, as such, the sooner you do this the better.

If you notice smoke coming from underneath the bonnet or hood, then this could be a sign that the engine is overheating. There are many reasons why this might happen and if it coincides with the temperature gauge on your dash spiking then do not risk the possibility of compromising the engine completely and just pull over and seek assistance.

Leaks are easily identifiable and need the attention of a professional car mechanic service. Waitara drivers that experience leaks could be looking at a loss of water or oil from the engine or the problem could stem from elsewhere. Regardless, rather than keep driving, now is the time to have it checked out and fixed.

Unusual noises like grinding, squealing or dragging will undoubtedly get your attention and again, these are worth looking into. Your brakes may need to be changed, or bearings could be gone in the wheels. Furthermore, excessive smoke from the exhaust should always be your cue to check in with our team.

The Mechanic in Waitara With Complimentary Pick Up and Drop Off Service

At GDL Automotive, we know for a fact that through effective servicing and maintenance, car owners can expect to reap the rewards of much smoother driving experiences, and potentially improve the efficiency standards of their engines. We understand that time is important, so to spare you the hassle of coming to us, our complimentary pick-up and drop-off service makes addressing the issues in your car much easier.

We are the leading mechanic in Waitara and we strive to consistently meet the 5-star reputation that we are known for. Book your appointment on our site or give us a call today.

If your not a resident of Mona Vale, NSW no dramas we have a mechanic in Mona Vale as well as a Jeep mechanic Turramurra & Range Rover repair St Ives and we will pick up and drop off your vehicle.

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